Liquid Ph/Alkalinity


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 Dosing Instructions:

  • Add 5mL (1 tsp) of AquaMaxx pH/Alkalinity per 5 gallons of tank water.
  • Test pH and alkalinity levels daily and dose as needed.
  • Do not increase pH by more than 0.2 in a 24 hours period.

Marine aquariums should operate at a high pH level from 8.0-8.4. Swings in pH can be very problematic for aquarium fish, corals and inverts. Dosing AquaMaxx pH/Alkalinity will help you maintain appropriate pH levels. It also contains buffers which help prevent large pH swings. AquaMaxx pH/Alkalinity is ideal for reef aquariums to help maintain both proper pH and alkalinity levels, which are crucial to the health of reef tank inhabitants.

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