MFR-1 Magnetic Feeding Ring

MFR-1 Magnetic Feeding Ring

An effective and simple way to reduce food going into your overflow, and more into your fishes` mouths.

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The AquaMaxx MFR-1 Magnetic Feeding Ring is a simple, magnetic-mounted device that keeps your fish food in a contained area in order to reduce waste and maintain water quality in your aquarium.

Drop any of your fishes` favorite flakes, pellet, or freeze-dried food into the feeder and walk away. Let the water do the rest; eventually the food will soak and sink down to where the fish are able to gobble it up.


  • For Fresh and Saltwater Fish
  • Great for Frozen, Pellet, Flake or Freeze Dried Food
  • Reduces Waste and Maintains Water Quality
  • Magnetic Mounted
  • Corrals Food in a Contained Area

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