Nano CO2 Regulator

Single Gauge

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  • Easy to use in-line solenoid control valve.
  • Easy to read cylinder pressure gauge
  • Integral pressure relief valve
  • Fine flow Needle Control Valve

The AquaMaxx Nano CO2 Regulators are produced using the highest quality components. The AquaMaxx Single Gauge Regulator comes installed with a heavy duty magnetic solenoid and a high precision needle valve. A high quality needle valve is required for precise dosing of CO2 to the aquarium. The CO2 Regulator Valve gauge shows the pressure that’s within the CO2 canister. The AquaMaxx Single Gauge Regulator will fit any standard CO2 cylinder (CGA 320) and includes an adapter to fit on disposable CO2 cartridges as well.

Full-featured safety regulator with independent needle valve

Designed specifically for aquarium use, the Pressure Regulator and Needle Valve are integrated units for easy installation and to save space. The needle valve is designed to enable high precision fine-flow adjustments or to completely shut the flow of CO2 off.

Due to its size, the AquaMaxx Nano CO2 Regulator and Cylinder can be located out of sight, behind or under the aquarium.

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