Hang-On-Back Multi Filter with Protein Skimmer

Complete hang-on saltwater aquarium filtration system for up to 60 gallons.

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Technical Specifications

Housing Dimensions 17.25" L x 3.94" W x 14.18" H (excluding collection cup)
Refugium Section Dimensions (w/o media cartridge) 10" L x 3.5" W x 11.5" H
Refugium Section Dimensions (w/ media cartridge) 7" L x 3.5" W x 11.5" H
Media Cartridge Dimensions 3.125" OD x 9.75" H
Cartridge Top Brace 3.5" L x 3.25" W
Fits Probes 1 x 0.625" Diameter and 2 x 0.5" Diameter
Fits Tank Rims Up to .75"
Wall Clearance Required 4"
Top Clearance Required 5.5"
Filtration Rate
Light bioload up to 60 gallons
Heavy bioload up to 20 gallons
Power Specifications
Pump Shark 1.0 (modified and upgraded Sicce pump)
Pump Power Consumption 11W

The AquaMaxx HF-M filtration system is designed to be the complete filtration system for your saltwater fish or reef aquarium. The simple hang-on back design allows you to hang the filtration system on any aquarium ranging from 20 gallons to 60 gallons. The HF-M is also designed to be customizable so you can add additional chemical, biological or mechanical filtration to match the requirements for your aquarium.

The AquaMaxx HF-M includes an efficient protein skimmer. Using the same Shark 1.0 needlewheel pump (modified Italian-Made Sicce) as the popular HOB-1, the HM-F efficiently removes dirty protein from your aquarium before it breaks down into ammonia, nitrate and phosphates.

After the protein skimmer stage, water then passes through a second filtration stage. A filtration cartridge is included and can be filled with mechanical media (such as filter floss), biological media (such as ceramic rings or SeaChem Matrix) or chemical media (such as activated carbon or AquaMaxx AIO media).

Water then passes though a third and final chamber where additional filters can be added. The third chamber of the HF-M is designed to accommodate up to two AquaMaxx FR-S media reactors (sold separately): which can be used for carbon and/or GFO. If additional chemical filtration is not required, the chambers can be used as a refugium for additional nutrient reduction and to culture live foods for your reef aquarium.

The HF-M also features a built-in probe holder (for up to 3 probes), a dosing tube holder and cut-outs on the lid to run your cords and tubes though. The well-throughout design eliminates all the clutter and keeps your aquarium looking clean and sleek.


  • Convenient hang-on design
  • Efficient protein skimmer built-in
  • Easy to access filtration cartridge
  • Spacious customizable filtration chamber
  • Probe Holders x 3
  • Dosing Tube Holders x 3
  • Cord/tubing management cut-outs on lid

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