Puratek Deluxe 100 GPD RO/DI Filter System


A high-quality water purifier designed to provide maximum purity and minimum waste. Equipped with 4 treatment stages, booster pump, fully-automated microprocessor controller, and automatic back flush; this RO/DI unit can produce up to 100 gallons a day with a 1:1.5 product to waste water ratio.

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The Puratek Deluxe maximizes efficiency by performing routine system back-flushes, enlisting a booster pump to facilitate operation at lower source water pressures, and utilizing an automatic shut-off in the event of back-pressure or power loss to the controller. The unit is also furnished with a digital output TDS meter and an oil-filled pressure gauge for easy monitoring of system operating standards.

For added user-convenience, the unit features clear, easy-to-view canisters to quickly assess cartridge life, as well as standardized fittings to ease the task of routine maintenance.


  • Produces up to 100 US-Gallons/day. Tested at 60 PSI & 50°F
  • 4 Treatment stages
  • Processor controlled digital output TDS meter
  • Oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Approximate 1:1.5 Pure/Waste water ratio (source water temperature dependent)
  • Fully-Automated water management
  • Professional grade digital TDS meter
  • Easy to view precision Oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Automatic Back-Flush system prevents TDS creep
  • High-pressure electronic shut-off for reservoir use
  • High efficiency booster pump.
  • Clear canisters and standardized fittings for easy maintenance

Technical Specifications

Main Rejection 99%
Inlet Water Temperature 41-1133° F (5-45° C)
Power AC110V-DC24V
Footprint 15" x 8"
Height 18"
Back Flush Automatic
Gallons per Day 100 GPD
Treatment Stages 4
Waste to Product Water Ratio 1:1.5
Membrane Pentair TFC Membrane
Carbon Filter 5 µ carbon block cartridge
Sediment Filter 5 µ polypropylene sediment cartridge
Deionization Cartridge High capacity resin DI cartridge

* Canister wrench, 1/4" OD tubing, faucet adapters & fittings included

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