AquaMaxx Magnus

DC Water Pump by Sunpole

The new AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pumps are manufactured by Sunpole. With a long history of making high quality equipment for commercial and industrial application, Sunpole has taken many of these technologies and standards and applied it to the aquarium application. The high quality of the pump can be felt as soon as you take it out of the box!

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Technical Specifications

VSY-4000 VSG-6000 VSR-9000 VSB-12000
Length 5.8" 6.7" 6.7" 7.5"
Width 4" 4.4" 4.4" 5.1"
Height 5.4" 5.8" 5.8" 6.8"
Flow Rate 1055 GPH (4000LPH) 1580 GPH (6000LPH) 2370 GPH (9000LPH) 3170 GPH (12000LPH)
Pressure 11.5 feet  (3.5 meters) 16 feet (4.9 meters) 18 feet (5.6 meters) 21 feet (6.5 meters)
Power Consumption 30 Watts 50 Watts 85 Watts 150 Watts
Outlet 1-1/4" MPT, or 3/4" Slip 1-1/4" MPT, or 3/4" Slip 1-1/4" MPT, or 3/4" Slip 1-1/4" MPT, or 1" Slip
Inlet 1-1/2" MPT, or 1" Slip 1-1/2" MPT, or 1" Slip 1-1/2" MPT, or 1" Slip 2" MPT, or 1-1/2" Slip

Submersible and External Applications

The AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pump can be simply dropped into your sump for internal / submersible applications. You can also plumb your AquaMaxx pump externally with the included slip adapters.

Closed-Type Impeller

The AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pump features a closed-type impeller. This design is typically found only on more expensive pumps and features a funnel that helps to focus the water flow and allows the pump to handle higher pressure applications. The VSB-12000 can push water up to 21 feet!

Smart Controller

A versatile controller allows you to adjust water flow from 10% to 100%. Six different selectable speeds lets you control the flow rate to your exacting needs. A convenient Feed Mode button turn off the pump for 10 minutes during feeding. A silicone keypad helps to keep out moisture and offers a rich tactile feel.

High Reliability

With electronic controller components removed from the pump, the AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pump is ultra reliable. The controller features an electronic driver that is cooled with a built-in heat sink. Certified Meanwell drivers are utilized to ensure durability and dependability.

Superior Quality

Not skimping on materials, the AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pumps feature rust-proof titanium screws and nuts. Internals of the pump is rated IPX8 waterproof. Pump and controller casing are made with high quality ABS plastics. Rotor shafts and bearings are made of ceramic to maximize efficiency and durability.

Quietness, taken to a whole new level!

The new AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pumps are tuned to a working frequency of above 20,000Hz. This means that most of the noise generated by the pump is at a frequency higher than what human ears are able to hear.

Testing procedures include putting the pumps through four thermo shock cycles (from 170°F to -4°F), storing the pump at 170°F for 48 hours, storing the pump at -4°F for 48 hours and operating the pump in 120°F water for 72 hours! Withstanding these extreme conditions, the AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pumps is also one of the toughest and most durable aquarium pumps available!

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