AquaMaxx Magnus DC pumps built by Sunpole

AquaMaxx is carrying the Sunpole Magnus DC pumps we covered a year ago. They are listed as AquaMaxx VS-Series DC pumps and the company isn’t hiding the fact that these are manufactured by Sunpole.

AquaMaxx adds new Prism LED

The AquaMaxx Prism LED light is the latest and thinnest light from the company. The AquaMaxx Prism is built from an aluminum unibody frame and measures in just under 1/2 in. thick while packing a bit more LED punch than its previous light.

Sunpole Magnus Variable Speed DC Pump- The Definitive Review

The pump I am reviewing today- Sunpole Magnus VSR 9000, manufactured for Aquamaxx Aquariums, has a DC motor in its core that is capable of moving a maximum of 2,370 gallons (9000 liters) of water per hour

Let There Be GFO

On the 5th day, the Aquarist discovered GFO, and found that it was Good. On the 6th day, however, the Aquarist discovered Aquamaxx Phosphate Out Pro…..and found that it was BETTER.

AquaMaxx FR-M Internal Media Reactor

AquaMaxx FR-M Internal Media Reactor is a new internally mounted media reactor this is a great option for sumps or smaller tanks where space is limited. Like most media reactors, it gives you the option to use a variety of media including activated carbon, granular ferric oxide (GFO) or even biopellets.

Stick It Good! Aquamaxx Reef Welder Epoxy Glue

Recently, Aquamaxx introduced a new alternative product to add to your coral-mounting tool bag: Reef Welder Epoxy Glue. Now, the name of this stuff is something of a misnomer. It’s neither an epoxy, nor a glue. Reef Welder is a low-temp thermoplastic.

The Aquamaxx HOB-1.5: A Saltwater Cuisinart

The Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 skimmer does for this size aquarium what no others have been able to: it works well, and reliably.

AquaMaxx Reef Welder is a unique alternative to two-part epoxy

The new AquaMaxx Reef Welder is a thermoactivated moldable plastic that is a unique alternative to two-part epoxies and other reef glues.

Aquamaxx Cube

Small, rimless aquariums have been gaining a lot of attention in the US, and until recently, this branch of aquarium manufacturing was dominated by a single company, and the only other choice was to invest in a custom-made glass tank.

Product Review: AquaMaxx NemoLight AquaMarine LED light

Every year, dozens of new LED panels are introduced to the aquarium markets, many of which never reach the American soil. Aquamaxx promises to change that formula with their new line of budget-oriented LED lights called NemoLight.

AquaMaxx NemoLight Review Pt 2: How it Looks Over Corals

The NemoLight LED from AquaMaxx is an attractive and affordable light fixture which was recently released in several sizes. To reach a balance between form, function and cost, the NemoLight is not the brightest or most fully featured light you can get, but this is one light you wouldn’t mind using for shallow or medium light reef tanks.

AquaMaxx NemoLight LED review Pt 1, unboxing this affordable aquarium light

The NemoLight LED is the first total lighting fixture from AquaMaxx. The AquaMarine flavor of the AquaMaxx NemoLight LED offers a complete lighting solution for small and shallow reef tanks, with a built in controller so that no other accessories are necessary to get the most from this sleek light.

AquaMaxx launches NemoLight LED lights

With reef hobbyists in mind, the NemoLight LED fixtures provide better spectrums and better intensities for your corals. Rather than using too many white-colored LED’s to artificially make the fixture look bright, the NemoLight fixtures use higher ratios of blue LED diodes to deliver the right spectrums and intensities for your corals.

NemoLight AquaMarine LED from AquaMaxx

The design of the NemoLight is basically a thin metal body functioning as the heatsink for the LEDs, and the whole assembly is supported by basic adjustable mounting arms. However the most compelling feature of the NemoLight AquaMarine is the very swanky flush-mounted multicontroller built right in to the body of the fixture.

First Impressions of the AquaMaxx ConeS Series Skimmers

AquaMaxx has a deserved reputation for bringing affordable yet quality reef aquarium equipment to market. Being a Cone-head, I opted for the ConeS CO-3. The skimmer will be challenged with skimming around 225 gallons of water.

A new AquaMaxx HOB Skimmer with EXTRA OOMPH!

For hobbyists that have been searching for a great hang-on skimmer, here is one that you should take a close look at.

Following the proven and incredibly popular AquaMaxx HOB-1 skimmer, the HOB-XC shares many of the great design features while being a little larger to make it more effective for bigger aquariums.

AquaMaxx Phosphate Out Pro is a GFO with even more PO4 removing power

Phosphate Out Pro is a new, higher capacity phosphate remover for aquarium use that is made of the highest capacity granular ferric oxide (GFO) currently available. It’s been a few years since the release of the original AquaMaxx Phosphate Out and the Pro formula allows for even more phosphate removing potential, or less frequent replacement in lower nutrient systems.

AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO: Activated Carbon on Steroids

I would like to revisit a great little product that I use regularly called AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO. I like to think of this product as activated carbon on steroids.

AquaMaxx Zeo Reactors

AquaMaxx has been coming out with some decent affordable products since then launched a few years back and the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor is a good option for around $150. Out of the box, the Zeo Reactor is ready to go. Just add the zeolithic media, plug in the pump and you are off to the faces. A quick daily shake releases a dose of beneficial bacteria into your system.

Next-Generation Protein Skimmers Available Now at

Internet retailer is introducing saltwater aquarium hobbyists to the latest in tank filtration technology this summer with the release of the AquaMaxx ConeS Series Protein Skimmer. “ConeS protein skimmers, like other AquaMaxx products, offer premium-level performance at a mid-range price point,” said Ben Ros, Marine Depot’s Director of Operations.

Marine Depot Names AquaMaxx HOB-1 Best Protein Skimmer of 2012

The AquaMaxx HOB-1 was our top-selling hang-on back protein skimmer in 2012 and our second best-selling skimmer overall. Customer reviews have been overwhelming favorable, with users citing how “pleasantly quiet,” “slim” and “well built” it is. The HOB-1 is extremely popular with novice marine hobbyists and nano tank owners who appreciate the easy setup, impressive foam production and dark skimmate it pulls from their tanks.

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx In-Sump Protein Skimmer Product Demo

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx Protein Skimmers have been on the market for just over a year now and have proven to be one of the best skimmers for a few different reasons. Today we are going to take a closer look and show you exactly why these skimmers are a notch above the rest.

AquaMaxx adds JNS ConeS Protein Skimmer to product line

The AquaMaxx version of the ConeS in-sump protein skimmers will be available in three sizes and are fitted with a modified Sicce 1.5 pump, air silencer and quick-adjust valve. The pump is mounted at the bottom of the skimmer to preserve a smaller footprint that is perfect for smaller sumps.

AquaMaxx updates two new larger models of EcoMaxx protein skimmers

Two new EcoMaxx protein skimmers were ousted at the Reef-A-Palooza AquaMaxx booth in Orange County this weekend. The larger EcoMaxx 400 and EcoMaxx 500 are not that different from previous models with mostly minor adjustments here and there but the new engines powering them are much better.

Product Review: AquaMaxx BioPellet Reactor

When I first got the AquaMaxx BioPellet Reactor, I was very interested in how it worked because the demonstration unit on display showcased something unseen by other similar devices. Unlike its counterparts, this one causes the media to spin at a strong rate—the pellets orbiting a vertical riser tube provide one-way directional flow. It looked really neat, but I didn’t know how the media would do under such conditions.

AquaMaxx Star calcium reactor S-1 and S-2 are sleek and packed with features

AquaMaxx is working over its product line up with two new swanky calcium reactors, the AquaMaxx Star S-1 and S-2. Packed with features, both AquaMaxx Star calcium reactors are powers by quality Italian Sicce Synchra 1.5 pumps which are positioned high on the body.

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM Series protein skimmers looking to save you space and power

The new AquaMaxx EM Series protein skimmers are looking to save you space and power with AquaMaxx’s newest skimmer design. The company is slowly putting some intriguing looking products on the market with a consumer-friendly pricetag and these new skimmers hit both square on the head.

New AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor looking to pack a big punch with a small size

The new AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor is not the first nano-sized reactor from the Southern California company but the latest iteration does feature an even smaller size without trading off on performance. Two years ago we reviewed the AquaMaxx Nano CR-1 reactor and were impressed with the quality of the build and equipment used.

AquaMaxx AIO All-In-One Filter Media Product Demo

AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO All-In-One Filter Media is the only filter media you need for crystal clear water in your freshwater, saltwater fish or reef aquarium. It removes phosphates, silicates, organic pollutants and heavy metals while reducing nitrates and improving oxidation reduction potential (ORP). April 2012 Giveaway

AquaMaxx is teaming up with online aquarium supplier for an awesome April giveaway! There is no purchase necessary to enter for a chance to win a prize. Just sign-up for’s email newsletter for your chance to win an AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer, BioMaxx BioPellet Reactor w/ 8 oz. BioMaxx Plus BioPellets or a filter media kit with Carbon One Phosphate GFO.

Setting Up a Zeo Reactor: Is it worth it?

There are many reactors on the market but we chose an AquaMaxx reactor which you can happily purchase at This reactor is reasonably priced, but what’s most attractive is the Sicce pump. The pump is very energy efficient and the reactor has thumb screws for quick maintenance.

AquaMaxx HOB-1 Protein Skimmer: How to Get Rid of Microbubbles

Microbubbles often go hand-in-hand with protein skimmers when they are first added to saltwater aquariums, especially hang on back style skimmers. Microbubbles usually stop forming after running a new protein skimmer for 1-3 weeks. This is generally referred to as a protein skimmer’s “break-in” period where organic slime is built up inside the skimmer body.

AquaMaxx reactor has a gentle flow for media or a hardcore spin for biopellets

Heavy duty construction, a full suite of fittings and filter pads is about par for the course with media reactors, but the AquaMaxx biopellet media reactors produce a unique spinning, mixing motion that is the kind of aggressive biopellet mixing that most users are looking for in the next crop of biomedia mixers.

AquaMaxx releases yet another biopellet product along with Carbon One and Phosphate Out

AquaMaxx recently released their BioMaxx plus pellets, adding to the wide array of biopellets to choose from. The BioMaxx plus pellets very much remind us of the ATB biopellets we got our hands on awhile back, the NOPO biopellets we covered last week, and the Warner Marine pellets we covered last year and we suspect that these might just be the same pellets re-branded.

Introducing AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets

I’ve chosen to use the AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets on my 75 gallon coral reef tank to see if BioPellets live up to their hype. I want to be able to feed my fish and corals a lot more while still being able to keep the nutrients low in my system.

AquaMaxx CR-1 nano Calcium Reactor hangs on to a lot of nice parts for 140 bucks

When the AquaMaxx Nano Calcium Reactor CR-1 first showed up on our doorstep, our first thought was that the price of this calcium reactor is no reflection on the quality of the build, design or components of the AquaMaxx CR-1. On paper, it is sometimes hard to gauge the true value of a value-priced piece of aquarium equipment. Expands Selection: Offers New AquaMaxx Aquarium Skimmers is the first aquarium supply store to offer AquaMaxx’s new line of protein skimmers. The products will provide much-needed improvements for aquarium and fish tank maintenance. “When we see in-demand products like these, we try to make them available as quickly as possible,” said Mike Giove, chief operating officer for

AquaMaxx Unveils New Protein Skimmer Line

Good news travels fast! If you haven’t heard—however unlikely with posts on Reefbuilders, Glassbox Design and OCRD—we are proud to be the first retailer online or otherwise with AquaMaxx’s new-to-market line of protein skimmers.

AquaMaxx Becomes US Importer of JNS Skimmers

Last month Marine Depot put up a YouTube video showing how to replace pinwheel on an AquaMaxx modified Sicce PSK2500 pump. It was quite clear that AquaMaxx was coming out with a skimmer line; however, we were left wondering if these would be a fresh new design or an established import.

BREAKING NEWS: Marine Depot Now Carrying AquaMaxx Skimmers

A little birdie whispered in my ear that Marine Depot was going to start carrying the new AquaMaxx Protein Skimmers and sure enough, I found this link to them in their store. They weren’t there yesterday so this is obviously a new development! If I needed a skimmer, I would definitely put these on my list to check out.

AquaMaxx starts Importing JNS Skimmers in the US

AquaMaxx, an upstart brand that entered the marine aquarium industry in mid-2008 with a line of metal halide bulbs has added to their catalog with their new line of protein skimmers produced by JNS Skimmers. Marine Depot is the first company to start selling the new AquaMaxx line of cone protein skimmers directly on their website.

AquaMaxx Protein Skimmers Finally Coming to U.S.

Last month Marine Depot put up a YouTube video showing how to replace pinwheel on an AquaMaxx modified Sicce PSK2500 pump. It was quite clear that AquaMaxx was coming out with a skimmer line; however, we were left wondering if these would be a fresh new design or an established import.

AquaMaxx 14,000K MHs compare very closely to Radium 20,000K

In a side-by-side comparison the latest AquaMaxx 400W 14,000K metal halide bulbs are shown to be very similar to Radium 400W 20,000K bulb in spectral output providing a more economical option for your reef. Lighting guru Sanjay Joshi put the AquaMaxx to the test with the results published in the latest issue of Advanced Aquarist magazine.

MarineDepot: 33% off all AquaMaxx bulbs if Los Angeles Lakers win Championship

Marine Depot, the popular destination for all things marine and reef has announced a deal, that if the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA championship which would mean defeating the Orlando magic that they will give us a deal. What is this deal? 33% off all AquaMaxx aquarium bulbs.

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